What Are The Qualities of A Powrcoat Series?

Posted 3 months ago
Powrcoat Series

When you have to be constantly at the job site with your sprayer you need something sturdy and unique. If you do not have anything unique then you will not be able to make your name. So, to get the best results you have to get your hands on one of the sprayers by AllTitanParts.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the powrcoat series. This sprayer series comes with a lot of phenomenal qualities that we will discuss below.

The powrcoat series:

This is the sprayer series that is built for all sorts of applications. No matter if you have to work on the architectural side, corrosion control, industrial maintenance, waterproofing, or protective coatings. This sprayer is capable of working on different sites in different conditions.

There are also numerous qualities that come with this sprayer that we will be mentioning now.

 Qualities of the powrcoat series:

 Maintenance is minimum:

When it comes to this sprayer series, you have to spend a minimum amount of time on maintenance. It comes with a fluid section that has packing with self-adjustment. The best part is that it helps you to keep working even on the sites that are the most demanding.


This sprayer series comes with an anti-icing motor. This helps in continuing the operation no matter what environment you are working in. This sprayer with this function is able to handle any job at the job site. The pressure on this sprayer ranges from 3000 to 7500 PSI.

The flow of this sprayer is one to four gallons each minute. The packing of this is also self-adjusting. You do not need to have nuts to adjust the packing.

Fluid section:

For the next feature we will be talking about the severe service fluid section. It has paint pumps and air motors with high efficiency and they are standardized for all types of this series.

The piston that is present in this sprayer is engineered to give you resistance to both chemicals and solvents. With that, it creates a very smooth surface that also operates with minimizing friction and wear.

It also comes with a valve made of tungsten carbide that gives your sprayer maximum life and an operation too smooth. The operation of this sprayer is efficient because it consists of check balls that are made of stainless steel.

 A whole air care system is present:

Lastly, this series comes with an air care system that has a regulator, filter, and lubricator. They are also standardized for durability with every single coat. It also comes with a draining trap for moisture and gives you easy access to the reservoir and air filter.


There are a lot of qualities that come with this sprayer series. It eases the job at the job site for contractors and makes it more convenient. You can get this sprayer from AllTitanParts and make your work the best. You will get tremendous results with this extraordinary sprayer series.