What Makes The Greatness of The Elite Series So Special?

Posted 1 month ago
Elite Series

Are you tired of working the same boring way? Are you annoyed with not getting the results your job requires? No problem because we have the solution for you to get rid of these issues. There is a series by AllTitanParts that not only decreases your time for work but also increases the results. Yes, we are talking about the tremendous Elite series that comes with significant features. We will discuss everything about the elite series below to get to know it better.

The Elite 3000 sprayer:

The first sprayer to be mentioned is the Elite 3000 sprayer. When you want to work every day on the job site, elite 3000 can be your best friend. You can use this sprayer anywhere between residential, commercial, or property maintenance places. You can apply the coatings architecturally, and get the finish which you will not get anywhere else. The coatings include latex, sealers, lacquers, as well as primers.

Features of Elite 3000 sprayer:

The Elite 3000 sprayer uses the permastroke technology which has a continuous stroking system. This way the deadband is eliminated, and it gives consistent coverage.

This sprayer also does not need any packing or piston, so there will not be any fear of burning out. It also comes with a fluid pump with a warranty of a lifetime. It gives you the top performance with the pressure ranging between 0 to 3300 PSI.

This sprayer also comes with a pusher valve, that makes the priming procedure quick and convenient. It also has a multi-position cart that sprays configuration. This sprayer is also field serviceable where you can change the style of cartridge with convenience.

Elite 3500 sprayer:

The next sprayer is the Elite 3500 sprayer which is perfect for users that want something light in weight. This sprayer is perfect to be used at small and medium-sized jobs.

Qualities of the elite 3500:

The Elite 3500 also has the permastroke technology that deducts the deadband giving the user consistent coverage. It also does not come with any packing or piston and a lifetime warranty for the fluid pump. The technology in this sprayer by AllTitanParts is proven with the experience of 50 years in the field.

With that, this sprayer consists of a pulsation dampener that is capable of deducting all the fluctuations in the pressure. This sprayer gives you the smoothest operation and with that, it also gives you a consistent finish.


Just as we said, the Elite series comes with elite sprayers giving you elite results. These sprayers are always performing well when required giving their users satisfactory results. If you want to work consistently at the job site with consistent results, then you can get the Elite 3000 sprayer.

Whereas, if you are looking to work with something light and portable, then you can switch to the Elite 3500 sprayer. Both the sprayers are top-notch concerning their work.