Impact X Series and Impact Intellisync Series

Posted 3 months ago
Impact X series

Having the right sprayers to work appropriately and get the best results is important. We are going to talk about two different types of impact series sprayers. The first one is the Impact X series and the other one is the Impact Intellisync series.

Impact X series:

The X series is capable of multiplying your productivity with the Titan 440. It is the same 440 as earlier but it has been re-defined in all its qualities. The performance at the job site reaches the next level with this sprayer series. It will only give you the best quality finish, and you will be happy with the results.


MaxFx Fluid section:

In the impact X series, there is a MaxFx fluid section which can easily be replaced in just a few minutes when you are at the job site.

Brushless motor:

With this sprayer comes the brushless motor, which is completely optimized for all the sprayers. This can also easily be customized according to the user’s technique.

Pressure control system:

There is also a separate logix adaptive pressure. It is said to enhance the performance of the sprayer. To do that it comes with a technology called tip-sensing.

Vertical filter housing:

The last quality of the sprayer is the vertical filter housing system. It can drain the coatings fully. This way you can clean the sprayer three times faster with just one-third of the water or any of the other fluids.

Impact Intellisync series:

This is the sprayer series that gives you so much convenience as well as functionality for as many days as possible and with big projects. This sprayer supports very large tip sizes as well as multiple guns. You can fully rely on the performance that it gives and also maximum power.

Features of the impact Intellisync series:

Field serviceable:

The fluid section of this sprayer is the easiest to replace when you are at the job site. It does not require any tools for replacement.

Duralife HE Brushless motor:

The second quality is the brushless motor that comes with it. This brushless motor is optimized for different sizes of tips and every technique of the painter.

Digital display:

When the sprayer has a digital display you will not have to deal with pressure fluctuations. There is also an anti-theft lock. You will also get to have an hour meter on the display and a resettable gallon.


The auto oiler is capable of delivering the oil to packing with just a simple push of a button. It can easily be done without you having to make extra effort.


Both the impact series sprayers give tremendous results and added functionality. These sprayers are capable of covering large areas in a short time without much hustle. If you are looking for a sprayer that can solve your spraying problems then you should not think twice and just get any of these. They will not only give you a fine finish, but also ease of working.