Hydra X Series and Its Incredible Features

Posted 1 month ago
Hydra X series

You must have come across a lot of sprayers. Some of them are good at working at the job site while others give you a really good finish. But what if you want to get all these qualities in one sprayer? We know that it is hard to find but not impossible. It is so because now you can get all these qualities in one sprayer as known as the Hydra X series.

We will talk about this immensely versatile sprayer below with all the needed details.

Hydra X series:

This is the sprayer that can maximize the efficiency of your work at the job site with its direct immersion. This means when you have a direct immersion system you do not need transfer pumps, air compressors, or siphon tubes that are flexible. This sprayer comes with hydraulics that limits sensing so you get to have good control and, an autolift system that lowers or raises the fluid. When your job asks for tough coatings, the Hydra X series sprayer is always ready to deliver.

Features of the Hydra X series:


The first thing everyone is intrigued to know about a sprayer is the technology being used. The Hydra X series uses Hydra Stroke technology. This gives you unmatched durability as well as controlled hydraulics.

It does not consist of any small clutch units. It means that tips cannot damage it. Hydra X series just like any other sprayer by AllTitanParts can coat all light and heavy-bodied coatings with so much ease. The motor in this sprayer is optimized with a single moving part. It helps in reducing the heat of the sprayer and also assists in extending its life.

Fluid section:

This sprayer series comes with a piston, which is slow stroking and is 5 inches long in size. This piston is capable of maximizing the power and also extending the life of your sprayer.

The new thing about this sprayer is that it uses a tri-chrome process. It means that you have one of the most durable fluid sections present in the industry. The packing of this sprayer is designed for all hard and aggressive coatings.

The self-adjusting technology in the sprayer increases the time between repacks as it has 45 years of experience in the field.

Design of the sprayer:

The design of this sprayer is also very smart. The sprayer comes with fluid sections that are modular and allow them to perform differently. Moreover, this sprayer series has large pneumatic tires that are 12 inches in size. It makes the travel of sprayers from one place to another very easy and quick. 

Auto Lift system:

The Hydra X series also comes with an AutoLift system for the effortless changeover for 5-gallon pails. This system is capable of raising or lowering the fluid section. That too with the touch of a button. 


These sprayers comes with endless qualities and amazing features. You can get all these qualities in your hands once you get the Hydra X series.