The Powrtwin 6900 Plus DI, and It’s Phenomenal Features

Posted 3 months ago
6900 Plus DI

AllTitanParts has always been the most trustworthy company when it comes to sprayers. They have always given the top-notch quality that gives the most tremendous results. They assure the customers are never disappointed with the results and sprayers.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the Powrtwin 6900 Plus DI sprayer, and we will see its amazing features.

 Powrtwin 6900 Plus sprayer:

When the contractors are determined to work on large-scale projects, then they need to have Powrtwin 6900 sprayer. It will help you finish your projects with profits and within no time. It is an extremely durable sprayer, and the slow stroking power makes the work look even more professional.

 Qualities of the sprayer:

The Powrtwin sprayer has a foot valve that deducts all the pressure loss. It makes the spraying experience efficient. This sprayer has a hydraulic piston that is slow stroking, and it can maximize the life of the fluid section.

This sprayer comes with an accurate pressure control. It means that you will not have to face any pressure fluctuations. The pressure of this sprayer ranges from 400 to 3300 PSI.

One of the most amazing features of this sprayer is its convertibility. This sprayer can conveniently be converted from gas power to electric power without the usage of any tools. It takes no time and no energy to for the switch.

There is also an E-Z swing frame that makes zero spillage when the paint is changing. You can also lower the height of the unit so that transportation becomes easy and quick.


The Powrtwin electric sprayer parts  has a direct immersion design and is always the choice for all contractors who are serious about their work. They are designed in a way that the distance between the inlet valve and the high solid coating is minimized. It makes the sprayer more efficient along with putting almost no tension on the pump.

This sprayer applies architectural primers, and texture, and also finishes it with a similar sprayer. This sprayer can spray heavy coatings, which include solid coatings, joint compounds, and elastomeric as well as block fillers. You can use the coats of your own choice and still get the results you desire.

The siphon sprays heavy coatings without starving the whole sprayer. The pump of this sprayer cleans out way quicker than any other sprayer with a lot less water and solvent.

Lastly, there is a much better distribution of weight as the center of gravity is lower. The pneumatic tires of this sprayer are large, so the transportation becomes easier and smoother. It also decreases the burden on the sprayer.


The Powrtwin 6900 Plus DI sprayer comes with endless qualities and, it provides the users with amazing results. With all the functions that are present in this sprayer, you can spend more time working and less time wasting. The contractors who are serious about their work always rely on this sprayer because they know nothing matches the quality of this sprayer.