Impact 640 and its features

Posted 3 weeks ago
Impact 640

In this digital landscape, finding a paint sprayer is when one click away. But to find a tool that simplifies your task, and gives you a comfortable experience there is no better option than Titan. It is a spraying company that has helped customers with spraying over time. You can choose them for optimal spraying performance with hassle-free operation and comfortable handling. This blog aims at highlighting the best sprayer Impact 640 which has changed the whole idea of spraying with a sprayer. It is a spraying tool that you can utilize at commercial and medium residential projects.

 Impact 640

Impact  is a professional-grade electric sprayer that offers the ultimate spraying experience. You can use it at high-volume jobs to use multiple spraying techniques for a smooth finish. Some other features of Impact 640 that can make you choose this highly competitive paint sprayer are

Brushless He Motor

Impact 640 comes with a durable motor. The Brushless HE Motor improves efficacy and is a perfect solution to improve the power and performance of your spraying tool. It delivers a consistent flow of paint to reduce heat generation and get better control of paint application.

Electronic Pressure Control

Impact 640 comes with faster flushing and rapid cleaning to make spraying a journey of smooth finish with controlled paint flow. The electronic pressure control is a feature of Impact 640 that offers even flow and reduces the overall fatigue that comes with other pressure control mechanisms.

PermaLife Cylinder

It is a cylindrical-shaped machine version that improves spraying efficacy to encourage a finish that translates to a longer life span. It also decreases the normal chances of wear and tear and gives a consistent spraying experience.

Full Sized Manifold Filter

The manifold filter helps capture the debris and waste before they enter the paint. It is a highly helpful drainer that collects all the waste around the filter to promote a smooth flow of paint.


The autoiler reduces the overall pressure and enhances the painting experience to minimize downtime and ensure quick filling. It also reduces friction and lubricates the piston and other parts of the sprayer for consistent paint flow.

Digital Integrated Digital Display

One of the most outstanding features of Impact 640 is the digital display. With the help of this feature, you can set pressure and observe the run time counter anytime. Also, you can observe actual working pressure for better insights.

Deep Holster

One thing that keeps the liquid moist is the extra deep holster feature. It keeps the strainer in liquid.


The impact 640 is the kind of sprayer that you will not find anywhere else. The qualities that this sprayer possesses, are unmatched and you will never have them in any other sprayer. If you want to get high-quality work experience, then it is high time you switch to the impact series. It will give not only the best results but also a great experience that you will always enjoy.