The Phenomenal Types of Capspray 105

Posted 4 weeks ago
Capspray 105

Finding a paint sprayer that can make your painting experience a real-time luxury is nothing less than a blessing. In this regard, Titan the well-known sprayer company has introduced top-notch paint sprayers to meet the art of pampering and lifetime painting experience. When we talk about Titan, it is unfair to mention the Capspray 105 beauty that has helped customers enjoy a journey where comfort meets opulence. Before we jump into the feature it is essential to have a sneak peek of Capspray as a paint sprayer.

It is an ideal paint sprayer with advanced functionalities for people working at construction sites or handling small-scale painting tasks at home or office. If you are looking for an option for lightweight and medium-bodied painting, Capspray can do the job. It comes in two types that we will discuss one by one in detail

Capspray 105

The 105 Capspray is a suitable option for people dealing with large-scale projects. You can use it for 5-stage power to provide a heavier-bodied coating with ultimate comfort. Although it handles large projects, what makes it special is its handling.

Capspray 105 is light in weight and you can also utilize it to paint your furniture and cabinets. It can atomize thick latex, enamels, and solvent-based paints and varnishes to project thin coating to your furniture and other items.

What makes it special is its workhouse HVLP which delivers a high-end and smooth finish. You can trust this sprayer to transfer efficiency up to 90% with built-in gun and cup holder features.

Capspray 115

It is the second version of Cappray that combines quiet operations with a high air cap. The purpose behind this combination is to offer the finest atomization for a smooth finish. The distinguishing feature of Capspray 115 is its 6-stage portable turbine. With the help of this turbine, you can experience a revolutionary painting experience with little to zero reduction.

It is the only paint prayer that has achieved full HVLP capability to entertain its user with pain-free painting. You can use it to apply all fine finishes and portable turbine spraying to lower the decibel level on the paint site.

The standing out feature of Capspray 115 is a dirty filter warning light that maintains optimum performance with clean filters. It consists of a warning light that alerts you when the filters are filled. You get notified when the filter gets clogged with dirt or debris.

Moreover, it comes with a sound reduction ability. It decreases the decibel at the job site to maintain a calming painting experience at the job site. It comes with a 23 lb weight, a perfect weight figure to handle.

Final Thoughts

Finding a paint sprayer that gives a smooth finish and is also comfortable to handle, there is no better option than Titan Capspray. It comes in two types Capspray 105 with 5 stage power and capspray 115 with 6 stage power. Both of them are high-quality spraying tools that offer a fine finish and smart functioning. To get any of them, tap on Titan Sprayer and book your magical sprayer today.