Powrtwin DI Series and Powrbeast Series

Posted 1 month ago
Powrbeast series

Titan has been working towards betterment each day as they are developing more and more. Two such series that they have introduced are the powrtwin and Powrbeast series. We will discuss the sprayers and their qualities below.

Powrtwin series:

The first series is the powrtwin series which comes with multi-gun support and also has an efficient system for direct immersion. It is capable of spraying all sorts of coatings within no time. These coatings include elastomeric, drywall, etc. These sprayers are also known to be one of the most powerful sprayers that are also portable. 

Qualities of the powrtwin sprayer:

The first quality that this sprayer comes with is the direct immersion system. It is able to siphon heavy coatings with efficiency and speed.

Along with that, this sprayer has multiple gun spray systems. It consists of 3.15 GPM, 12000 plus DI that is capable of supporting up to six guns at a time.

Not just that but the powrtwin sprayer is also conveniently convertible. The phenomenal feature is the tool-free conversion. This means that you can convert it from a gas to an electric engine within no time.

This sprayer also possesses a feature of belt guard. It gives you very easy access to the replacement of the belt as well as the conversion of the power source.

Lastly, the powrtwin sprayer has an EZ swing frame. It helps in lessening the spillage while the paint is being changed. Not just that, but it also facilitates transportation.

These qualities make the sprayer exceptional and also make it worth the usage.

Powrbeast series:

The second type of sprayer that we are going to be talking about is the Powrbeast series. this sprayer is known to be heavy-duty. All the contractors serious about getting their job done always switch the Powrbeast sprayer.

Qualities of Powrbeast sprayer:

The first thing that attracts the user about this sprayer is the fact that it uses Hydra stroke technology. Having this technology inside a sprayer means you get durability that is unmatched. Not just that but it also gives you access to the powered performance that you do not get anywhere else.

This sprayer is also capable of spraying heavy as well as light-bodied coatings. The hydraulic motor inside the sprayer is optimized in a way that one part is moving, which not only extends the life of the sprayer but also reduces the heat.

This sprayer alongside amazing technology consists of a piston that is slow stroking that maximizes the efficiency and power.

This sprayer also comes with a self-adjusting technology extending the time between repacks. It is also field serviceable, this means an easy operation at work.

It is also built very intelligently with an effective cooling system. The tires that come with this sprayer are 12 inches in size increasing the portability many times.


These two sprayers have taken the world of spraying by storm with their results and qualities. If you want to up your work game, you have get your hands on these.