Elite 3500 with Its Outstanding Features

Posted 2 weeks ago
Elite 3500 with Its Outstanding Features

Titan is a company whose products we can guarantee without having any doubt in our heart because as the experience says, they have always given the best.

It does not matter if it is a whole big series or if it is just one part of the whole series they have always made people and specifically the professionals happy with their products.

We have already discussed quite a few products of their company and we will just discuss one more and we will get to know about one more in this article.

In this article, we will discuss their elite 3500 and we will also get to know about its features.

Elite 3500:

When we talk about the product that is gas-powered, has a sealed hydraulic paint sprayer, and has a durability that is extremely high then know that we are talking about the elite 3500.

Now you must be wondering about what technology is being used in this sprayer. We will make it easy for you, the elite 3500 is using the permastroke technology which contains no piston, no packing, and also does not have a clutch that needs to be replaced every now and then.

It basically is backed up by a lifetime fluid pump by elite and it also comes with a warranty. This sprayer comes with a direct drive sprayer that is able to deliver a very fine and very consistent finish which is also very easy to operate and it keeps the user happy at his job.


We will not get to know about some of its amazing features one by one.

The best of the best elite 3500 sprayer uses the permastroke technology which does not come with any packing, any piston, or any other cylinder that has the chances of wearing out in the future.

This sprayer also has a one-piece outlet and one-piece inlet valve and it is also field serviceable that makes the users very easy on the job site.

It does not just stop here but this sprayer also comes with a sealed hydraulic system that does not have any electronic or any clutches to burn out.

It also has a flatline pulsation dampener which is capable of eliminating all the fluctuations that might occur in the pressure and also has a deadband in the system.

This flatline pulsation dampener provides the user with a very consistent finish and a very smooth operation.

This sprayer also comes with a sureflo pusher valve which makes the priming very easy. It also has a no-spill pump filter which is designed vertically to be able to hold the coatings when removed.

And the feature that is loved by everyone and also that makes the sprayer what it is, are the 12 inches pneumatic tires, that are there to increase the portability, and also to travel on all kind of rough surfaces.

It also comes with built-in handles that make loading and unloading very easy and convenient.