What are Capspray 75 and 95?

Posted 5 days ago
What are Capspray 75 and 95?

We know that all the products that have been brought to the customers by all titan parts

We know that all the products that have been brought to the customers by all titan parts have been amazing and they have always turned out to be the best in their functions.

Titan has always given away the best to the users of their products and they have always made sure that they do not disappoint their customers.

In this article, we are going to talk about two of those products are the Capspray 75 and the Capspray 95.

We will discuss them and their features.

Capspray 75:

When you have to work on projects that are medium-sized and are residential or commercial, you should go for the Capspray 75 because it is going to do the job perfectly for you.

It is able to handle the multi-color coatings and the enamel very nicely and in addition to that, it can also handle sealers, stains, shellac, and light body varnishes. 

Capspray 95:

The second product is the Capspray 95 that we are going to discuss for everybody to know its amazing qualities.

When you start a business, it slowly and gradually starts to grow and the projects also keep growing. When this happens you obviously need more power to work with and that is when the professionals turn to the Capspray 95.

It is a very powerful sprayer, it comes with a versatile 4 stage turbine that is designed so that the worker can easily do a wide range of coatings. No matter if the coatings are ultra-thin or they are very thick.

This is the sprayer that comes with atomizing air filtration to give the best fine finish quality. It also gives a longer air hose, and along with that, it gives an advanced voice control so that it can be used for a longer period of time.


We will now discuss the amazing features of these sprayers.

The Turbines:

One of the most amazing features of these two sprayers is the turbines that they come with. The Capspray 75 comes with a three-stage turbine, and the Capspray 95 comes with a four-stage turbine.

The three-stage turbine is very useful for the coatings that are light-bodied for example stains, and lacquers. Whereas the four-stage turbine is amazing for the light to medium coatings.

Air Filtration:

The next feature that again makes it stand out from all other sprayers is the fact that it comes with dual air filtration.

The atomizing air comes with a pre-filter, and it also has an automotive type filter that is able to cool down the turbine, and along with that, it is able to filter the air.


Every time we mention a quality or feature, we find it very important to mention this feature that is the onboard toolbox.

These sprayers come with an onboard toolbox that makes it very easy for the users to use at the job site and make the work a lot more comfortable and convenient.

You can easily get this sprayer from all titan parts.