What Are The Lazyliner And Powrliner Series?

Posted 3 weeks ago
What Are The Lazyliner And Powrliner Series?

We have discussed various types of series that have been given to the people by all titan parts and we have always seen how amazing all of them are.

They always try to give their best to the customers and always make sure that their products are on top of every other thing.

They have always come up with solutions for different problems in this industry and have always made to keep the mark high for others.

In this article, we are going to discuss two of those series that are the Lazyliner series and the other is powrliner series.

Lazyliner Series:

The first series that we are going to discuss is the lazyliner series. When you want to take all the load off and also want to increase the productivity almost up to four times then this should be your go-to sprayer.

When you want to deal with projects that are heavy and when you want to deal with large jobs but also want to gain profit through it then you definitely need to have this sprayer with you.

This sprayer also comes with some really good features that again make it stand out from all others.

This sprayer has a high back chair that is very comfortable and also is very easily adjustable.

You can adjust the seat in all four directions as much as you want and can also adjust the height of the pedal.

It also has a weight sensor that is good for safety shut-off. This is the sprayer that is also super compatible, and it works with the titan powrliner that ranges between 2850-8955.

Powrliner Series:

The second series that we are going to discuss now is the powrliner series with which the lazyliner series works.

We also get to know about its amazing features to make sure you know all the details about this amazing sprayer.

Now when we talk about the sprayer that is made with technology that is able to deliver the stripe that is best in class and also has a very consistent and a very sharp line quality even on the surfaces that are very tough, then no that it is the powrliner series.

Just like any other sprayer that is from the best company i.e. the all titan parts, this sprayer also comes with some astonishing features that we will discuss one by one below.

The first and the top class feature of this top-class series is that it is very versatile, and you will be able to spray both the athletic fields and the pavement with the help of this sprayer.

Not just that but this sprayer also comes with very nice pressure control that ranges between 400 to 3300 PSI. The pressure control is for sprayer all the light-bodied coatings to the low VOC striping paints.

This sprayer also comes with a built-in arm which is called the smart arm that pivots and lifts and it makes the transportation and line adjustment very compact and very quick.