Impact 1640 and Its Features

Posted 2 weeks ago
Impact 1640 and Its Features

Titan is one of those companies that have never compromised on their quality and the products that they are providing to their people.


No matter if it is a titan airless gun, paint sprayers, or the titan packing kits. They have always introduced things that can be used on any level and with ease and comfort.

In this article, we are going to discuss one of those spray guns known as the impact 1640 sprayer.

Impact 1640:

It is the paint sprayer that is used and is recommended to be used in the applications that are using two guns in their project.

It can be used in large residential areas, as well as commercial and industrial areas.

If you want to use a paint sprayer that is very efficient and works really smoothly then you need to have this impact 1640 on your list.

Impact 1640 is the sprayer that has an electric motor whose power is 240 volts, and you can only find this feature in the impact 1640. It has the ability to do the coat the surface with heavy abrasives and is not only customer satisfaction but also one of the best spray quality ever seen.

Impact 1640 is better in many ways, as it provides perfect texture and comfortable application of paint. It is not a difficult task to use impact 1640, because it is super easy to use it and the final result is also worth appraisal.

Digital Display:

You also get the chance to experience digital display while using impact 1640. As a result, you get the opportunity to note all the information through digital display.

In the digital display, you get all the information written on the screen so you have a controlled precision and you can read all the instructions and details through it.

The digital display is a unique feature and it has helped many painters in providing satisfactory results with precision.

EZ-Tilt Cart:

It is the feature of impact 1640 in which you can change different parts with ease. You can also use the EZ-tilt in the cleaning process of your paint sprayers, as it allows easy cleaning and dusting of the sprayers.

When you have the chance of separating different paint parts, it gets very easy to clean the sprayers off and on. When you are able to change the location of your paint sprayer parts, you can clean the parts which are not possible to clean during normal settings.

The cylinder that it consists of never wears out, and therefore it has one of the best cylinders attached to its sprayers.

Fluid Section:

The fluid section of this sprayer is submerged and those sprayers that consist of the submerged fluid section have the most efficient siphon system.

Because this sprayer has this specific fluid section, they are able to handle the coatings that are heavy-bodied very easily.

You can get these sprayers from all titan parts because of how reliable they are.