Powrtwin 6900/8900 Plus and Its Features

Posted 3 weeks ago
Powrtwin 6900/8900 Plus and Its Features

There are different types of sprayers and packing kits that have been introduced by a titan and they have all worked amazingly always.

They come up with ideas that nobody has ever unfolded and that is exactly why they are one of the most amazing companies in the business.

From their packing kits like the 440 packing kit to their amazing sprayers they have always amazed people with their new technology.

In this article, we will discuss the Powrtwin 6900/8900 series and its features.

Powrtwin 6900 Plus:

Powrtwin 6900 plus is specially made for those projects that are going to be done on a larger scale because when we use it on a larger scale it is very easy to use because it has the ability to do a lot of work without consuming too much energy and time.

This can only be used by the people who are professional in using the paint sprayers and also have the knowledge about how to use slow stroke and also how to use these slow stroke on a larger scale.

This quality and specialty can be offered by the hydraulic piston because they provide the painter with slow stroke and their durability is also larger.

Powrtwin 8900 Plus:

If you want that your work is done a lot more quickly as compared to how you do it generally then you need to choose Powrtwin 8900.

If you want to put more power and energy and want to have more output then this is the right sprayer for you because the specialty of this gun is that it gives high margins regarding the profit within a limited time over the projects that have large application.

You also need to know that this is one of those hydraulic piston sprayers that is the most selling because it has the ability to deal with all kinds of protective coatings at a larger scale or places with new constructions.

Features: We will now get to know about some of its amazing features:

Easy Convertibility:

One of the most amazing features of this series is that it has the ability to convert gas or electric power without using any tools.

This feature makes it one of the most amazing ones and makes it most useful.

Swing Frame:

One other most amazing feature of this sprayer is that it has a swing frame which makes it able to allow for very little spillage when the paint is being changed.

It also possesses one other amazing quality that is the easy transportation of it because it has a unit that is lower in height.


The third feature that we necessarily need to mention in this article is that it has a hydraulic piston that is slow stroking and because of this the life of the fluid section is increased to the maximum.

You can get this series from all titan parts whenever you want and can use it easily if you are a professional.