What Is The Elite Gas Series With All Its Features?

Posted 1 month ago
Elite Series

When you have series guns you are sure about the work that you are going to get done with them. In this article, we are going to talk about one such series and we will talk about everything that comes with it.

We will talk about the Elite gas series in this article, and we will see how amazing it works.

Elite Gas Series:

The elite gas series is powered with gas and is also sealed by the hydraulic paint sprayer which helps the users to produce results with the highest quality, and that too without the worry of painting conditions. You can always paint and work the best with this series. This series also comes with the most amazing technology that we will discuss when we will talk about the features of this series.

There are a lot of added features that come with this series like it does not come with any packing or piston so there are no worries about it being burnt out.

These elite series also come with the warranty of fluid pumps too which are really simple to operate and are also serviceable on the field.

Features of the Elite Gas Series:

We will talk about the features now and see what all it comes with.

Just as we have mentioned above that we will talk about the technology in features we will discuss that first. These sprayer series come with the Perma stroke technology which comes with zero packing, piston, or any sort of cylinders which automatically saves it from wearing out.

This comes with inlet valves both on the inside and outside. It is also one hundred percent field serviceable. This comes within a cartridge style which helps in the fast repair, which is also very simple and inexpensive too. it comes with an elite 3500 valve kit, and the elite 4500 valve kit too.

The second thing that we are going to talk about in this amazing sprayer is the sealed hydraulic system. It does not have any electronics and it also does not have clutches to be burnt out.

The easy priming with this sprayer is also guaranteed that too with the sureFlo every single time. This sprayer series is also able to deliver a top performance that uses all sorts of large and small tip sizes and it works at the pressure ranging between 300 to 3300 PSI.

The last feature that we are going to talk about is the pulsation dampener which again is just as beneficial as any other feature. This pulsation dampener is also able to eliminate all sorts of fluctuations in the pressure that has the chance to come. It also is able to deduct the deadband that is present in the system.

This also helps you in keeping the work clean at the job site and makes it all really easy and convenient for you.