What Are Some Airless Guns?

Posted 1 month ago
Airless Guns

The competition does not even go out of the company because all the sprayers inside are competitive enough.

In this article, we are going to talk about two of the guns the titan airless guns and we will see how they function or how they work for your betterment of you.

We will get to know about the RX pro-gun and the RX airless gun. We will also get to know about the qualities of these guns as well.

RX-Pro Airless Gun:

There are a lot of qualities that come with this spray gun. it comes with a redefined experience of spraying that is completely unmatched. With that, you also get to have the comfort and also amazing durability with all the tools that come with it.

Starting off now with the features that comes with this gun we will get to know about the fingerprint grip first. The finger print grip can easily and very conveniently be adjusted to your grip and to any painter’s hand.

Secondly, it also comes with a trigger that is also ultra-light in weight. It actually is about 30 percent more light than any other trigger of any other spray gun. it also helps in decreasing fatigue.

This spray gun also comes with infinity packing which increases the life about two times by reversing the seat and by altering the ball.

Lastly, these are the spray guns that also come with a lot of different onboard tools that help you in working better on the job site. This spray gun comes with both two and four finger triggers and also works at the pressure of 3600 PSI.

RX-80 Spray Gun:

The next gun that we are going to talk about is the RX-80 spray gun which is just as competitive as any other spray gun. This spray gun has all the metal-construction features which also have a ball valve and there is also a seat so that you get to have added durability. We will now get to know about the features of this gun too.

The first feature that we would like to talk about is the comfortable grip of this gun too. this spray gun has a comfortable grip that again can easily be adjusted according to the painter’s hands. It has a very ergonomic design which adds up to the comfort.

It also comes with a packing kit that also is used to improve the life of the spray gun which in turn also improves the performance of the gun.

With all the other spray gun features, this one also comes with a lot of added onboard tools. These onboard tools help you in getting your work done faster than other sprayers.

This spray gun comes with a four-finger trigger too and it works at a pressure of 3600 PSI.