RX-Apex Spray Gun with Its Different Guns

Posted 2 months ago
RX-Apex Spray Gun with Its Different Guns

There must be a lot of spray guns that you have heard about and you would know how efficiently they work. But that is not what you need because we have better gun options for you to work with.

The spray gun that we are going to talk about in this article is one of a kind and is surely better and worthier than all the other guns combined.

Yes, we are talking about the RX-apex spray gun and we will discuss everything about it including the two types that come with it.

RX-Apex Spray Gun: 

The RX-apex is an airless sprayer gun that surely comes with a lot of unmatched qualities. The first one is the infinity packing that comes with it. This infinity packing is able to increase the life of the sprayer by two times as compared to the other spray guns of its genre. The life of this gun increases by reversing the seat and by the change of the ball.

Not just that but this gun also comes with a fingerprint grip which makes the working process less problematic and very easy. This grip is completely customized according to the finger of the user or the contractor.

The all-day trigger that comes with this gun is also very lightweight. If you know how light it is then we would like to mention that it is 28% lighter than the other guns and also has 74% less force.

This gun also comes with a free-flow swivel which only feeds a direct airless gun and also has a built-in swivel. This spray gun also comes with two trigger fingers and is also rated at a pressure of 5000 psi.

Two Types of Guns:

We will now discuss the two types of airless guns that come with them.

S-3/S7 Airless Gun:

The first one is the S3-S7 airless gun which comes with an in-handle filter as well as a trigger pull which is four-fingered. The swivel present in this gun reduces the hose kink. This gun comes with a stainless steel passage which is able to handle all sorts of corrosive coatings. The tungsten carbide valve and the seat makes sure life is increased along with durability.

The S-3 gun that is present is rated at a pressure of about 3900 psi and the S-7 gun is rated at a pressure of about 7700 Psi.

M4-M8 Mastic Gun:

The mastic guns have a straight-line fluid passage that allows you the maximum flow and it is angled in a way that increases your comfort while working.

It has an adjustable needle packing which eventually increases the life of the worn parts that are present in the gun. The swivel that is present in the gun allows you to move without any sort of hose kinking. It also has a very lightweight construction.

There are two types of mastic guns. The first one is the M4 and the other one is the M8 mastic gun. The M4 gun is rated at the pressure of 3600 PSI and the M8 gun is rated at the pressure of 7700 Psi.