Helix VR 2.3 and All Its Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Helix VR 2.3 and All Its Qualities

We have already discussed a lot of different sprayers and guns and we have already got to know about a lot of different sprayers. We will discuss one such sprayer today in this article, and we will get to know all the details related to it.

The Helix VR 2.3 comes with a lot of extra qualities that are not present in any other sprayer and we will see how efficient it is and what it can do to make your work life better.

Helix VR 2.3:

The heating efficiency and accuracy that are provided with the Helix VR 2.3 is totally unmatched and you will surely not find it in any other sprayer. There are a lot of amazing things that we find in this sprayer but we will begin with the smaller ones.

This sprayer comes with a pressure that is balanced, has better performance when it comes to coating, and also has less material that is wasted while working. It has the first direct heat that goes from the system to the gun.

The design that this gun is made with is extremely user-friendly which allows you to have a very simple operation; the maintenance of this sprayer is also very inexpensive. The Helix VR 2.3 also has better results as compared to the other sprayers, and it also has increased ROI.

Features of This Sprayer:

There are a lot of qualities that come with this sprayer and we will discuss each one of them one by one so that you know every detail about it.

Ratio Controller:

The first feature of this gun is the ratio controller. Do not worry we will explain everything about it in detail. The dual pump system helps you in allowing for the dynamic rationing which is from 1:1 to 1:4. The best thing about it is that there is also no side loading of the bearings and the pumps.

The ratio of it is controlled by the non-dosing technology and the precise controls are able to achieve the ratios that are otherwise hard to set.

System Proportioned:

This is the first system that is integrated electronically. There is a continuous connection between the pumps and it is also able to synchronize the ratio of 100 per revolution of the motor.

The Wrap-Around Design: 

The wrap-around design of this sprayer gives you over 30 seconds of dwell time which gives you a greater surface so that you can heat the chemical. The internal turbulence that is present inside this sprayer also increases the transfer of heat.

Because of the heating red coating, there is no failure from any sort of chemical contact and also no failure when it is exposed to the air when it is dry. You can also change the power of the sprayer and can also repair it without having the need to open the operating system.

The last yet most amazing thing about getting this sprayer is that it needs a very small generator to work as compared to the other competitors in the industry.