The Two Most Amazing Series by Titan

Posted 1 year ago
Powrtwin 4900/6900 Plus

Every time that we talk about all titan parts we mention something that is extremely extraordinary and comes with a lot of features and qualities. Be it their single sprayer or their series, all of them come with so much that cannot even be counted.

In this article, we are going to be talking about two such series that are really amazing, and they come with a lot of things that we will discuss below.

We will discuss the powrtwin DI series and the powrbeast series, with all that comes with them.

Powrtwin DI Series:

The first series that we are going to be talking about is the Powrtwin Di series. This series has multi-gun support and it also comes with a siphon system that is very efficient. This series is able to spray heavy coatings for example the elastomeric, and the drywall compound. These are known to be the sprayers that are portable and the most powerful.

We will now discuss the features that come with this sprayer series for you. This sprayer series has direct immersion which can siphon all sorts of heavy coatings with so much ease and comfort. Multiple guns can be attached to it with the 3.15 GPM, and 12000 plus DI support with almost 6 guns.

This sprayer series is also very easily convertible. You do not need to have any tools for the conversion rather you can easily swap it between a gas engine and an electric motor. Lastly, this sprayer series also comes with a belt guard which gives you very easy access to the replacement of the belt, and the conversion of the power source.

These features combined make this gun an extraordinary one and help it work effortlessly and efficiently.

Powrbeast Series:

The second series that we are going to talk about is the powrbeast series. These series are heavy-duty and have hydraulic pistons. These are the choice for all the contractors that want more durability and more power. These series guns are perfect for large-scale jobs.

Getting into the features of this series guns we have a lot to mention and talk about. The first one is the technology that is used by these spray guns. These series guns use Hydrastroke technology which comes with an amazing performance, and the durability also is unmatched. These are controlled electronically by the hydraulics.

These do not have clutch units that can be damaged by the small tips and it is also versatile and can paint anywhere between light-bodied and heavy-bodied coatings.

This spray gun also comes with a fluid section that has a slow-stroking piston which is able to maximize efficiency and power. It also comes with the technology of self-adjusting packing which can increase the timing between re-packs.

The design that this sprayer is made with is also very intelligent. It comes with large pneumatic tires that are about 12 inches large and also make the process of traveling from one place to the other very easy.