The Powrtwin Series with All Its Outstanding Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Powrtwin Series and Their Qualities

But, do you also know that there are some sprayer series that are filled with qualities and you will find everything in just a single sprayer?

Getting to that, in this article we are going to be talking about one such sprayer series that comes with a lot of amazing qualities and we will surely discuss all of them one by one here. We are going to be talking about the Powrtwin series with all its qualities.

The Powrtwin Series:

Whenever you are looking for something that is both durable and dependable then you need to get the powrtwin series because it has both these qualities. Because of both these qualities, this series has earned a great reputation and that is why it is known to be perfect for all commercial as well as residential properties.

The best thing about having this sprayer is that it is able to support the usage of multi-gun and you can also very conveniently convert it anywhere between the electric-powered sprayer and the gas-powered sprayer.

Features of This Sprayer Series: 

We will now get into the features and discuss how awesome this sprayer work and what qualities it has.

The first feature that we are going to mention is the severe service pump which comes with a rod and a cylinder. These are tempered with a process of heat-treating which is able to increase the life of the pump by about 150% over any other pumps that are in competition.

It also comes with self-adjusting packing which saves you from over-tightening and it also saves you from wear and tear.

With that, the hydra drive of this sprayer is just as astonishing as anything else. This hydra drive is really smooth, and reliable, and it also is slow stroking. Because of all these qualities, the operation life of your sprayer automatically increases a lot.

Talking about the next feature we think it surely is one of the most important ones. We are talking about the pressure control which you can easily adjust anywhere between 400 to 3300 PSI. With this, you can easily spray primers with low viscosity as well as paints that are heavy-bodied.

The most incredible thing about this sprayer series is that it comes with very long life and with that, it also is very durable. It is also known to be one of the longest stroking sprayers which are portable in the whole market of sprayers.

When you decide to get this sprayer you should know about its convertibility. Which by the way one of the easiest job to get done with. It is tool-free and it is also very easy to do. All you need to do is swap the engine between gas and the electric motor.

This sprayer also comes with a belt guard which gives you an easy replacement of the belt, and the conversion of the power source.