Powrtwin DI Series VS the Powrbeast Series

Posted 1 month ago
Powrtwin DI Series VS the Powrbeast Series

For the longest time now, Titan has been making products that are best in all their forms and these products are surely getting better with each passing invention.

We have talked about various sprayers by Titan and we know that all of them come with their own uniqueness and that is what makes them what they are today.

In this article, we are going to be talking about two of these amazing series for you to know and see how they work and how efficient they are.

Powrtwin DI series: 

The first series that we are going to be talking about is the powrtwin DI series. This is the series that works with multi-gun support and it also comes with a siphon system that has an efficient direct immersion and it is able to spray all the heavy coatings for example elastomeric and drywall compounds.

These are the sprayers that are known to be one of the most powerful sprayers that are also portable and these are the only types like these on the market right now.

Features of These Sprayers:

The first and one of the most amazing features that come with this series is the direct immersion and which can very conveniently siphon all the coatings with heavy viscosity.

These sprayers just as we have mentioned come with multiple sprayer guns which means they are leading 3,15 GPM, support almost 6 guns at one time, and also are 12000 plus DI.

These sprayers are also known for their ability to be convertible. You can without any trouble convert it between gas and electric engine.

Not just that but these sprayers also come with a belt guard which means you can easily replace the belt and can also convert the power source.

Powrbeast Series: 

The second series that we are going to be talking about is the powrbeast series. These are direct immersion, heavy-duty sprayers that also come with a hydraulic piston and are always the choice for all contractors. Every time that they need to have more durability and more power they switch to the powrbeast series.

Features of the Powrbeast Series:

We will surely also discuss the features that come with this sprayer too.

The first and the most important feature that comes with this sprayer is that it has hydra stroke technology. It comes with durability that is unmatched, and it is also controlled electronically by hydraulics.

Small tips damage the clutch unit but that is not what happens with the powrbeast series because it is extremely versatile and it can also coat all the heavy as well as light-bodied coatings.

This sprayer series also comes with a severe service fluid section which has a piston that is slow-stroking and it can maximize the efficiency as well as the power of your sprayer.

The design that this sprayer comes with is also very intelligent so you surely do not have to face any trouble with these series sprayers. These sprayers also come with large tires that are almost 12 inches.