Powrbeast 4700 with All Its Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Powrbeast 4700 with All Its Qualities

Titan for sure is one of those companies that have always been extremely competitive and companies that brought to you nothing but the best.

With titan, it does not matter if you are using a series sprayer or a separate sprayer you will anyway get the best results and that is what makes titan what it is today.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most amazing sprayers that work just as well as any other titan sprayer.

Powerbeast Sprayers:

There are always sprayers that are efficient for some specified jobs and that is what they are known for. In this article, we will discuss one of the sprayers from the powrbeast series and see all the qualities but before that, we will get to know a bit about this series only.

When the contractors need to be working on something that comes under the category of large scale then you need to know they prefer using the powrbeast series.

The powrbeast series works well on all sorts of large projects it does not matter if it is commercial, residential, or for that matter industrial.

Powrbeast 4700:

Coming to the sprayer itself we will get to know a bit more about it now.

The powrbeast 4700 is the sprayer that delivers the contractor’s durability that is needed, and this sprayer can easily spray all the light-bodied as well as the heavy-bodied coatings. This is the sprayer that can deliver 1.6 gallons at one time which means you can easily connect three guns to one sprayer and get more work done than normal.

The maximum tip size that comes with this sprayer is 0.041 and the maximum delivery that this sprayer works at is 1.60 GPM. The pressure of this sprayer is 3600 PSI.

Features or Qualities of This Sprayer:

We will now get to see all the features that come with this sprayer.

The first and the most important thing that we think is asked about any sprayer is the technology that is being used in it. This is the sprayer that comes with Hydrastroke technology which means it is extremely versatile and is also very efficient. The best thing about this sprayer is that it does not use any clutches which means no worries of anything being burnt out.

This sprayer also comes with a pump assembly which basically is the motor assembly and it is present at the front of the sprayer. You can easily access it for maintenance purposes.

This is the sprayer that also comes with large pneumatic tires and that is what makes it really handy and useful. Because of the tires, you can easily move the sprayer from one place to the other at the job site.

The last thing that we would like to mention about this sprayer is that it also comes with a cooling tank. This cooling tank maximized the flow of air which eventually keeps the sprayer cool and gives it better performance too.