Powrtwin Series Along With Its Qualities

Posted 1 month ago
Powrtwin Series Along With Its Qualities

Titan has always been the company that has dealt with the customers with utter honesty and they have always been proven to be giving the best products to the users.

No matter if it is a small gun or their most famous sprayers, they have always worked extraordinarily and the users have always been really happy with the products they bought.

In this article, we are going to be talking about one of the most famous series that is the Powrtwin series and we will also get to discuss the features that come with it. Powrtwin sprayers have a very reputable name in the market and are considered very durable to use. Powrtwin series can be used by all kinds of contractors on a larger scale including commercial, residential as well as industrial levels.

One of its major qualities includes its convertibility from electric power to gas power and vice versa when needed. In this way, it can be used at places where one faces electricity or gas outage. It provides the user easy access to switch from an electric motor to a gas engine. Due to its convertibility to gas power, it also reduces the cost one has to pay while using electricity usage. In this way, it provides the required outcome at cheaper prices.

These sprayers with a complete guide that allows the user to overcome the heating process of the piston rod and the cylinder which increases the pump life to around 150%. These sprayers also come with self-adjusting packaging which prevents the user from over-tightening the pump. This also reduces the wear and tear of the product. This, in the longer run, increases the life of the product.

This series comes with a hydraulic drive including the hydraulic piston which is very smooth, reliable, and slow-stroking. These features increase the operational life of the sprayer.

Another feature of this series is that it provides the user with a wide range of pressure controls. The operating pressure can be adjusted from 400 – 3300 psi. The Powrtwin 1200 Plus is the highest-ranking one that has an operating pressure of up to 3600 psi. This allows the user to accurately adjust the pressure of the sprayer. In this way, one can use a single sprayer for a variety of paints including very low viscous or thin primers as well as heavy-bodied finish paints.

It also has easy installation and replacement procedures. The belt guard has a pivotal housing that provides easy access to the user to replace the belt. It also provides easier access to convert the power source of the sprayer.

This series comes with a heavy-duty frame with adjustable handles which provide better grip and control of the sprayers. The handle has telescoping adjustments that allow the user to adjust and move the sprayer in a way that is convenient to them. These qualities make the Powrtwin series more durable and long-lasting and increase the product’s reliability in the market.