Powrbeast Series and Its Unmatched Qualities

Posted 4 weeks ago
Powrbeast Series and Its Unmatched Qualities

We have already talked about a lot of different products and series by a titan and we know they are all better than the other ones.

Be it a single sprayer or a whole series they have always turned out to be really amazing. In this article, we are again going to be talking about one of those series that is the powrbeast series.

Just as the name states, this series is actually a beast and we will see that once we get to what the features of this sprayer are.

We will get to know about all the features for better understanding.

Powrbeast Series:

The Powrbeast series is the direct immersion hydraulic series and this is a choice of all the contractors that work on any of the residential, commercial, or industrial projects. All the serious buyers make use of this sprayer and benefit from it on the job site.

The Qualities of This Sprayer:

Just as we have already mentioned that this is a beast series so it obviously comes with a lot of different qualities and each one of them is better than the other for sure. We will now discuss the features.


The first thing that the users are very frequently worried about is what technology the sprayer is using so for that, this sprayer comes with a hydra stroke technology.

This technology comes with a performance that is driven digitally and the durability of this sprayer is unmatched too.

This sprayer’s technology is known to be one of the most versatile technologies because it can spray easily on the any of the heavy and light-bodied coatings, and the best part about it is that you will not even have to worry about them being worn out or the clutches to burn out.

The system of this sprayer is optimized in a way that one part of the sprayer is moving, which easily reduces the heat of the sprayer that in turn increases the life of the sprayer.

Intelligent design:

The second thing about any of the tools that users worry about is if the design appropriate and useful or not.

Talking about the design of this amazing sprayer we would just like to mention this is one of the most intelligent designs of any of the sprayers made.

This sprayer comes with a cooling system that is very efficient and it maximizes the flow of air over all the areas that are warm in the sprayer.

It also comes with a cooling hydraulic tank that is in the radiators’ style. Not just that but it also has large pneumatic tires that are about 12 inches large and make the movement of the sprayer very easy from one place to the other.

Fluid Section:

Lastly, we would like to mention the severe service fluid section which comes with a slow stroking piston which increases the durability and power.

The best part about it is that it is proven technologically with about 35 years in the field. It also comes with a fluid section that is very easy to replace or remove.