Lazyliner Series with All Its Features and Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Lazyliner Series with All Its Features and Qualities

We know that all the products by titan have made their names in the industry because of all the quality and features that they possess and that they work with.

Each one of the sprayers or spray guns is extraordinary and that is proved by how many buyers are there. These sprayers are all efficiently working from the beginning till now.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Lazyliner series and all the features that come with this series so that you know everything about it.

Lazyliner Series:

When you are looking for something that takes off the load from you and also increases the productivity of your work by four times then you need to have this amazing lazyliner series with you.

The best part about having this series is that it will help you get all the profits and will also give your assistance in tackling all the large jobs with so much ease and comfort.

Types of the Lazyliner Series: 

There are two different types of the Lazyliner series that are the Lazyliner elite and Lazyliner pro. We will talk about both types and discuss their features.

Lazyliner Elite: 

The Lazyliner elite comes with heavy-duty pneumatic tires and it also comes with a coil charging system lamp that consists of 100 Watt.

The engine of this type is protected with a bumper bar, and with this sprayer, you need to have a hitch too.

Lazyliner Pro:

The second type of the Lazyliner series is the Lazyliner pro which also comes with standard tires. This type of Lazyliner series also needs a hitch.

Both the types of these sprayers come with gas engines, and they need to be pulled to start the sprayer. The forward speed of both the types of Lazyliner series work at 1-12 Mph and both the sprayer’s reverse speed works at 1-7 Mph.

Features of This Sprayer:

This Lazyliner series also comes with a lot of different features and we would also talk about all the features too.

The first feature that we would like to talk about in this series is its comfort of it, which is completely adjustable.

It comes with a high chair that is deluxe and is completely adjustable according to your comfort and ease. You cannot just adjust the seat in a forward or back direction but you can also set it upside to side as well. With that, you can also adjust the height of the pedal.

This sprayer also comes with a weight sensor so that you know when you need to shut it off. The best thing about this sprayer is that it is fully compatible with all the powrliner sprayers.

These are all the amazing qualities that these sprayers come with and you can easily get them at any place to work well. These sprayers can easily be bought from all titan parts and you can enjoy all their features in a go.