What is the Helix VR 2.3?

Posted 4 days ago
What is the Helix VR 2.3?

We have discussed a lot of products that have been brought to us by all titan parts and we have seen quite a few times how amazing and interesting their things are.

We are going to discuss another product of all titan parts today that is the Helix VR 2.3 and we will get to know about all the details related to this.

We will discuss its working and see some really good things that come with buying the Helix VR 2.3.

Helix VR 2.3:

When we talk about the efficiency of heating and the accuracy that is unmatched then know that we are discussing the most amazing Helix VR 2.3.

The main or you can say the most important feature that comes with the Helix VR 2.3 is the balance pressure that is provided with it, and the less wasted material.

These two main features make it the top gun and it gives much better performance, and it is known to be the first system in the industry that gives direct heat all the way from the system to the gun.

This is a gun that comes with a very user-friendly design which allows a very simple operation and also the maintenance is very inexpensive and this makes it a very famous gun.

This is the gun that gives a very increased ROI and a lot better results.

Ratio Controller:

The dual pump that is present inside this gun gives very dynamic rationing that is 1:1 and 1:4. Not just these two ratios but all the ratios that come between these two ratios along with zero side loading of the pump.

The ratio in this gun is controlled by the non-dosing technology. The precise control in this gun is able to achieve all the ratios that are hard to set.

Dual Pump System Proportioner


This is the first completely integrated dual pump system proportioner that is able to give continuous communication between two different pumps.

Not just that but it is also able to synchronize the ratio 64 times more per motor revolution.

Surefire Hose Heater:

This gun also comes with a surefire hose heater. This heater is able to control the temperature which allows giving precise pressure management.

The heating element that is present inside the hose gives direct heat, which adds all the heat in the gun to reach the end of the hose.

The true chemical temperature in the gun is measured at the gun.

Surefire Block Heater:

This gun also comes with a surefire block heater that gives a greater surface area so that the chemical is heated properly.

It also comes with a longer dwell time as compared to the competitive one-pass design. It also has internal turbulence that is able to increase the transfer of heat.

The heating rod present inside the gun is completely isolated from coatings. It gives no failure from the contact of chemicals.

It is also able to repair the gun without opening the system.