Exploring the Benefits of the Elite Gas Series

Posted 2 months ago
Elite Gas Series

Are you looking for a paint sprayer that can ignite your boring spraying strategy? Or do you know that an Elite Gas Series exists for the lazy and procrastinating spraying community? Well, the answer is yes!

Titan the leading spraying company has launched its new Elite Gas Series collection to spellbound the competitor market. They have given a new vision to the spraying industry with their overpowering spraying tools that are nothing less than a dreamy tale.

So, what is holding you back? Go and book your sprayer today!

But before that, let’s have a look at the ravishing Elite Gas Sprayer to make the right choice at the right time!

Elite Gas Series

It is a hydraulic paint sprayer that can withstand any weather conditioner, unfavorable job locations, and multiple spraying projects in a snap of a hand. It offers a seamless finish and endless results with perma stroke technology.

The perma stroke technology says that it has

  • No piston
  • No cylinders
  • No clutches
  • No pepper packaging

And guess what?

It is still one of the most powerful spraying tools compared to other elite series. However, it is one of the most comfortable sprayers that demands negligible power and handling at spraying sites.

Features of Elite Gas Series

Here is a list of features that we have curated to empower your spraying experience with the magical titan tool, the Elite Gas Paint sprayer

Sealed Hydraulic System

The best thing about this paint sprayer is its sealed hydraulic system. There is no fear of leakage, breakage, or burnout as the system is secured from all sides. There is no clutch or electronic part that can trouble your spraying experience with sudden burnouts.

Comfortable Priming

It comes with an advanced priming feature. You can use it to ensure comfortable adhesion and smooth coating before actually starting the spraying.

Adjustable Tip Pressures

The standing-out feature of the Elite Gas Series is its adjustable tip size. You can fix it as per your need to spray between pressures of 300 to 330 psi.

Flatline Pulsation Dampener

You can fine-tune the fluctuating paint pressure with the help of a pulsation dampener. Yes, the characteristic sounds ideal, but what is wrong now with fixing the deadband of the system with a pulsation dampener?

Consistent Finish

The only flatline that looks beautiful is the spraying finish. For this purpose, choose the Elite Gas Series to experience a consistent and smooth finish.

No-Spill Vertical Pump Filter

To keep your spraying clean and free of paint spots, you can use this sprayer. It comes with a vertical pump filter that filters all the spilled paint. Also, It holds the extra coat in the house to let things go in a smooth direction.

Inlet and Outlet Valves

It is a 100% field sprayer that comes in the form of one-piece inlet and outlet valves. You can adjust that as per your need to foster your spraying experience with a 3500 valve kit. It is a rare feature that comes in the most inexpensive form.

All these features and the budget-friendly cost are nothing less than a blessing. So, what are you waiting for?

Go and get your hand on the most ideal paint sprayer of Titan.