Hydra X Series – featuring the HydraStroke Technology

Posted 4 months ago
Hydra X series

Some jobs are just the toughest and require the toughest series. Hydra X series is one of the series delivered by Titan featured with HydraStroke technology. They have a Direct Immersion System that eliminates the need for flexion siphon tubes, transfer pumps, and air compressors.

It is the Direct Immersion System that adds to the maximum and unmatched efficiency of the Hydra X series. Furthermore, the AutoLift system lowers as well as raises the fluid section minimizing the time used for spraying. It has added to the efficiency, as the contractors can now take up more projects in less time.

Key Features of the Hydra X Series

HydraStroke Technology

HydraStroke technology features electronically-controlled hydraulics. It not only gives unmatched performance but also durability. It comes with PowerBeast units that have the versatility to paint both light and heavy coatings with ease.

Furthermore, the hydraulic motor comes with just one moving part, which reduces the friction and ultimately the heat produced through it. It not only saves the machine from heating up but also adds to the lifespan of the machine.

Severe Service Fluid Section

Pistons maximize the efficiency and power of the pumps. The 5” long slow stroking pistons in the Hydra X series not only add to the efficiency but also extend the life of the pump. As far as the fluid sections are concerned, the Tri-chrome process creates the industry’s most durable and versatile fluid section.

It does not end there; the fluid section comes with packings designed specifically to work in the toughest environments, as well as for aggressive coating.

Painting has become a lot easier with the Titan’s Hydra X series. The series features patent-pending quick removal fluid, which makes the work easier for one man to handle. Painting has now become a one-man’s job, thanks to Titanparts!

Smart Design

The smart design is not just smart in appearance. The AutoLift system operates with the touch of a button. Now, with the touch of a button, you can raise and lower the fluid section. Moreover, you can perform effortless drum changes.

The versatility of the Hydra X series is matchless. One sprayer performs the job of two. Two different performances can be taken out of one sprayer with the modular fluid section present in the sprayer.

Furthermore, when it says it is one man’s job, of course, it counts in the mobility of the sprayer. The 12” pneumatic tires make it super-easy to move your machine around the job site.


The Hydra X series is one of a kind. They have not just made painting and spraying with the sprayer a lot easier, but also have made spraying a one-man’s job. Unlike clutch units, the series features PowerBeast units to work in both light and heavy-duty environments. Furthermore, the Hydra X series comes with the Titan’s 45-year-old self-adjusting packing technology, which easily extends the time between repacks. The key features of the Hydra X series have made the painters and the contractors rely on the series for the toughest jobs in the industry.