The Impact 1040 Sprayer With Its Effortless Working.

Posted 4 months ago

Getting your hands on the sprayer that not only fits your demands on the job site but also is easy to work with is hard. Some sprayers do not give fine finishes while others are too hard to deal with. So, you should find something that does not only impact your work in a good way but also your life at the job site.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the impact 1040 sprayer. We will also see how it works so effortlessly and gives you the best results.

Impact 1040:

When the users need to work with larger projects that need to have big tip sizes then this one is the right choice. With that, if you need operation from more than one gun but from a single unit then you can get your hands on this sprayer too.

This workhorse is appropriate for the entire commercial, residential, and industrial applications where you need to have power and speed. Every time you need more efficiency you use the impact 1040 sprayer.

Features of this sprayer:

Pressure control:

First things first, the most troublesome thing when it comes to sprayers can be the control over pressure for all users. If you do not have the right pressure control you are never going to get the desired results. With the 1040 sprayer, you get to have the electronic pressure control. This comes with zero dead band as well as consistent pressure.

Fluid section:

For the second feature, we are going to mention the fluid section. The fluid section that comes with this sprayer is easily removable. The T-slot piston present in the sprayer along with the coarse thread makes the process of removal very easy and quick.

This sprayer also comes with a perma life cylinder which means that there are almost no chances of it wearing out.

Load cart:

One other thing that is extremely bothersome for all the users is loading and unloading. With the Impact 1040 sprayer, you do not even have to worry about that. This sprayer comes with an easy-load cart which helps you a lot. This feature enables you to clean the loads back in and out of the vehicle very conveniently.

Brushless motor:

The Impact 1040 airless sprayer comes with a brushless motor that is optimized for all different sizes of tips. Not just that but it is also optimized for every painter’s technique.

Tires and Hose:

Lastly, it is important to mention the hose and the tires. This comes with a hose wrap which is able to hold the airless hose up to the size of 150 feet. With that, it also comes with large pneumatic tires. These tires make it very easy to move from one place to the other.


Impact 1040 sprayer is able to leave an impact on the life of every user. If you trust this sprayer, you will never have to worry about your work again.