Capspray 105 and Capspray 115.

Posted 4 months ago

The Capspray sprayers have been playing their enigmatic role since their introduction. From giving a finish like no other sprayer to getting the work done within no time it can do everything for you.

There are two types of sprayers from the Capspray series that we are going to talk about. We will mention all the features for good understanding.

Capspray 105:

When you are working on large projects that need the power of 5-staged sprayers then you need to get your hands on the Capspray 105. This sprayer is exceptional and is also extraordinarily light in weight. It also gives you long-term dependability and the HVLP sprayer is able to atomize solvent-based, thick latex, as well as enamels with almost no thinning. The professionals use this sprayer when they have to expand their projects or their workshops are filled with furniture and cabinets.

Capspray 115:

The Capspray 115 spray system is a revolutionary sprayer with a 6-stage turbine system. This turbine system also has the exception of having full capability of HVLP. This sprayer is a combination of air cap pressure as well as quiet operation so that you get the premium atomization. It also is capable of applying a fine coating with almost no reduction.

Features of the Capspray sprayers: 


The first one which is the five-staged turbine can atomize the coatings with almost no thinning. The six-staged turbine comes with a two-speed switch, it also atomizes the coating with almost no thinning.

Dual air filtration:

The atomizing air comes with a pre-filter and it also has an air filter that is automotive type. It also comes with turbine cooling and the air in this sprayer is also filtered.


Working at the job site comes with a lot of pros and cons. So, to avail the maximum number of pros you need maximum facilities also. For that, this sprayer comes with a toolbox. This toolbox consists of nozzles, needles, nozzle wrenches, and an air cap.

With this, these sprayer series also come with a cup holder, and also a built-in gun so that you get portability as well as increased storage. This gives all the users added benefit and it also makes the job easier.

Warning light:

The sprayers are a big investment and you cannot lose them just like that. To be on the safer side you have to be also really conscious about the parts. For that, you have a warning light in this sprayer. With the help of this, the life of your turbine is extended and it also maintains utmost performance with the help of clean filters.

Lastly, this sprayer also comes with a technology for sound reduction. It is able to decrease the levels of decibels when you are at the job site.


These are some of the qualities of the Capspray series sprayers that benefit you a lot at the job site. These sprayers make the work less hectic for the user and way easier and quicker.