Two Different Types of Maxum Guns

Posted 2 weeks ago
Two Different Types of Maxum Guns

With all that has come in the spraying industry, it is important that you find something that works extraordinarily and is the best with its work.

For all the sprayer series that has come, we are going to talk about a bit different sort for all of you to understand for your work purposes.

The guns that we are going to talk about are the Maxum guns and we will talk about two different types of these for your usage.

Maxum Guns:

When it comes to versatility and precision there are no guns that are better than the maxum guns. These are extremely durable and the results that you get with these sprayers are unmatched. You will get a flawless finish with this series of guns because they are genuinely the best ones.

We are now going to talk about the two types of maxum series guns and see what qualities they have.

Maxum II Gun:

Talking about the first type of gun which is the maxum II gun we have a lot to talk about. Starting off with the best qualities, are precision and control. With these qualities, it is able to deliver the most flawless finish.

These are the sprayers that are designed in a way that they have large passages of air inside which gives you the kind of versatility that you will not find anywhere else. It is also able to spray all the heavy-bodied coatings, and the light coatings with so much ease and comfort.

This sprayer is also able to convert from the non-bleeder to the bleeder gun within no time and vice versa. This sprayer gun also comes with a pro set of needles that you can easily use while working.

Maxum Elite Gun:

The second type of this spray gun that we are going to talk about is the Maxum elite gun. This spray gun is designed in a way that it is built for great finishing, as well as for contractors who need to have flawless results. It also has the versatility to use all sorts of gravity and the siphon cup.

This sprayer comes with a reversible, as well as removable fluid chamber which is designed in a way that helps you use the standard cup. These cups are both pressurized and the gravity cup.

This one also has fluid controls and indexed air which makes the usage very easy and comfortable. The fluid needle that comes with this sprayer has a head assembly, and packing for different sizes of tips and also for different colors. This also allows you to have to clean up as well as easy storage. This is one of the top-notch qualities that come with it.

This sprayer also has an integrated check valve that is present inside the head of the gun. Just like the Maxum II gun, the maxum elite gun also comes with the pro sets of the needle that you can conveniently use at the job site.