Powrtwin Series and Their Qualities

Posted 1 year ago
Powrtwin 4900/6900 Plus

We have seen a lot of other sprayers from different companies and we know they are good. But with time all the contractors have realized that there is nothing as good as the sprayers by All titan parts.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the powrtwin series and we will also see all the qualities that come with this sprayer.

Powrtwin Series:

We will now get into the series and see everything. Since the time they have been introduced about a century ago the contractors understood there is nothing better than these sprayers.

These sprayers have turned out to gain the best reputation because of how durable and how dependable they are. These sprayers are built for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. These sprayers are able to deal with multi-guns at one time and they can also be easily converted from gas to electricity and vice versa.

Features of This Amazing Series:

We know every sprayer becomes what it is with the features that it contains and so we will discuss all the features that come with it.

The first feature out of all the features that come with this sprayer is that it has a severe service pump. The piston and the cylinder that come with it are tempered with a process of heat-treating and they can easily increase the life of the sprayer by 150 times. It also comes with self-adjusting packing which can easily prevent over-tightening and also prevents all sorts of wear and tear.

The next thing about it that we would like to mention is the speeflo hydra drive. This is extremely smooth, slow stroking, and is also very reliable. These qualities are also able to increase the life of the sprayer.

The best thing about having this sprayer is the pressure control which is also completely adjustable. You can easily adjust the pressure from 400 to 3300 PSI. If you want more power you can have powrtwin 12000 plus and it gives you an operating pressure of 3600 PSI.

The sprayer series also comes with a very long life and is also extremely durable which makes it long stroking. This is also known to be the only portable sprayer in the industry.

These sprayer series are also very easily convertible and that is exactly what makes it one of the selling sprayers in the industry. The next amazing thing about it is that the convertibility is also tool-free and easy. You can convert it without having the need to use any tool. You can swap between electric and gas engines at any given time.

This sprayer also comes with a belt guard which is like a brownie point for the sprayer users. With the help of this, the process becomes really easy. The pivotable housing gives easy access for the replacement and also gives you the conversion of power source.

These are all the qualities that come with this sprayer series and you can avail of them by using this sprayer series.