What Are Impact 640 and Impact 740

Posted 1 month ago
What Are Impact 640 and Impact 740

We know that no matter what product we decide to talk about

We know that no matter what product we decide to talk about, it will always be excelling in the industry because it is introduced by the best of the best i.e. all titan parts.

The products that they introduce or that they produce for their customers are always the top ones and people trust them with their products too.

No matter if it is a paint sprayer or a spray gun, they make sure that they are giving their 100% and producing amazing things.

In this article, we are going to talk about two of their paint sprayers of the impact series that are the impact 640 and impact 740.

Impact Series:

The paint sprayers of this series are very heavy-duty and are very high in performance and they are used for large projects, but this is not it, you can also easily use them for projects that are small as a single room in a house.

Now, we will discuss them one by one.

Impact 640:

The performance of the impact 640 is continuously increasing. This is a mid-range unit that is used for residential work, for the maintenance of the property and not just that but it is also used for small commercial projects too.

The best part about this amazing sprayer is that it is fully equipped with amazing digital technology so that the efficiency of this sprayer can be improved.

Features of This Sprayer:

The first amazing and the most important feature of this sprayer is that it comes with a digiTrac technology and that is what makes it extraordinary.

Not just that but it also comes with a duralife HE motor which is optimized for all different types of tip sizes and for the technique of every single painter.

Lastly, this sprayer comes with a permaLife cylinder which means that it will never wear out and you will never have to worry.

Impact 740:

The second sprayer is the impact 740. This is a paint sprayer that is designed for projects where heavy-duty performance is needed on large projects which can both be commercial or residential.

Whenever it is time to enter the big leagues, all the contractors turn to this amazing sprayer to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Features of This Sprayer:

The first most important and feature that makes it stand out from all other sprayers is that it comes with amazing electronic pressure control. The pressure in this is consistent and the dead-band is zero.

The other feature that again makes it very extraordinary is that this sprayer has a very fast and easily removable fluid section. It comes with a T slot and a coarse thread which makes it very easy to remove.

The last feature of this sprayer is that it comes with an easy-load cart. It easily clean backs the load in and out of the vehicle and the contractor or the professional does not have to worry about anything.