A Closer Look at CapSpray 75 and CapSpray 95 and Their Features

Posted 2 months ago
CapSpray 75 and CapSpray 95

The qualities of the Titan sprayers have always been commendable. These sprayers have always helped their users to get the most amazing results. In this article, we are going to be mentioning the two sprayers from AllTitanParts i.e. the CapSpray 75 and CapSpray 95 sprayers.

CapSpray 75: 

Working on commercial as well as residential jobs has become easier with the help of the CapSpray 75 sprayer. This is a three-stage sprayer that can conveniently handle multi-color and enamel coatings. In addition to that, these sprayers can also handle lacquers, stains, light body varnishes, as well as sealers.

CapSpray 95:

As your work progresses, your projects also increase which means you do need to have more power. This power can only be given to you by the CapSpray 95 sprayer. This is a 4-stage turbine sprayer, which is extremely powerful. It is designed in a way that it can spray coatings of a very wide range. It can coat from ultra-thin to heavy paints. This sprayer has air filtration so that you get the best finishes as well as a longer hose. It also controls the noise so that the sprayer can be used extensively.

Features of CapSpray 75 and 95:


These sprayers come with turbines for coatings. The CapSpray 75 sprayer comes with a three-stage turbine for light coatings like stains and lacquers. The Capspray 95 sprayer comes with a four-stage turbine for medium coatings as well as light coatings.

Transfer efficiency:

The transfer efficiency of the CapSpray 75 and CapSpray 95 is high and ranges up to 90%. This helps the sprayer work better and longer.

Air filtration:

These sprayers have a pre-filter as well as an automotive air filter. This also consists of a turbine air cooling and it is also filtered. These make the life of the sprayers longer and help the contractors in getting the best results.

Toolbox and cup holder:

When sprayers come with extra features they become more convenient for the users. For these two sprayers, they come with toolboxes and cup holders. The toolboxes are for all sorts of needles, nozzle wrenches, as well as air caps. They also come with cup holders and built-in guns that help you get added storage as well as portability.

Warning lights:

These are the sprayers that come with warning lights. The benefit of having these warning lights in the sprayers is that they extend the life of the sprayer. These sprayers having a warning light not only maintain the performance but also maximizes it. This happens also because of clean filters.

Sound reduction technology:

For the last quality of these two sprayers, we would like to talk about the sound reduction technology that is present in these sprayers. Through this technology, the decibels of the sprayers are reduced while the contractors are working on the job site. 


These sprayers are beneficial for both small and large projects. With the help of these sprayers, you will get your desired results and get the cleanest finish. The quality of both these sprayers will never disappoint you.