The Powrliner Series with All Its Potential

Posted 1 month ago
The Powrliner Series with All Its Potential

For the longest time, titan has been working for the betterment of the spraying industry by giving the best to it. Be it the quality or the quantity of the sprayers, they have always been breaking records with their extraordinary performance and that is what makes it titan.

There are a lot of quality sprayers that they have given to the contractors, and today we will be talking about one such sprayer again.

The sprayer that we are going to be discussing is the Powrliner series sprayer which we think is a top-notch product.

Powrliner Series:

When we talk about the basic things of the sprayer we mention a lot and that is what we are going to start it off with. The powrliner series is one series that is built with the kind of technology that is sharp, the top in its own class, and also very consistent when it comes to its quality. It is able to coat a lot of different surfaces that includes parking lots, athletic fields, and concrete.

We will now get into all the features that come with this sprayer.

Starting the features on a simple note which is the way this sprayer is designed with. The powrliner series has large pneumatic tires which are about 16 inches in size. These tires increase the portability of the sprayer and make the process of moving it from one place to the other very easy and convenient.

This sprayer also comes with a frame design that is swung back and it increases the leverage of operation and that is how it helps you in getting less fatigued as compared to the other sprayers.

This sprayer series has some really amazing things that come with it. One such thing about this sprayer is the engine design. It is an electric engine so it is very convenient to get it started whenever you want. It makes the start of projects very easy and smooth.

Handlebars are something that might cause trouble in other sprayers but that is not the case when it comes to the powrliner series. The deadlock handlebars that come with this series are super adjustable that you can literally get them in any of the 3 planes very easily.

Then comes the next feature which again is as amazing as any other feature. Yes, we are talking about the smart arm that comes with this sprayer. This smart arm is able to pivot, it can also make line adjustments and it also makes transportation very easy for everyone.

The last thing that we are going to talk about is the powrcenter dashboard which is surely something that you might not have heard about before. This powrcenter dashboard makes user control very convenient for all contractors. It also consists of tip holders, and with that, it also has a cup holder.

These qualities you can easily get these in all the sprayers of the powrliner series and enjoy them.