What are the Airless Spray Guns?

Posted 1 month ago
What are the Airless Spray Guns?

Are you already bored of working with the same old sprayers and want to switch to something new? Are you looking forward to bringing a switch to your painting techniques because the old ones are not working anymore?

Take a backseat and relax because we are going to introduce you to the best Airless spray guns today. Let’s dig in and get to know everything about them.

RX-Pro Airless Spray Gun:

The first type that we are going to be talking about is the RX-Pro airless spray gun. The unmatched comfort that this spray gun gives to the user in combination with its durability makes the whole spraying process so easy and quick. It also comes with onsite tools that enable the user to work conveniently from anywhere.

About the qualities and features of this spray gun, it comes with many. Beginning with the first one, it consists of a fingerprint grip. Having this grip in a spray gun means it can be customized according to the user. It can also fit the hand of the contractor. 

Alongside that, the trigger is really light which means you will not have to put in any extra force for it to work. This spray gun comes with infinity packing. The infinity packing is capable of increasing the life of the sprayer by changing the ball and reversing the seat. 

It also consists of on-board tools that you can use while you are working. With their help, you do not have to constantly run here and there to get things right. 

RX-80 Airless Spray Guns:

The next type of airless gun that I have to talk about is the RX-80 Airless spray gun. This also comes with quite a few features that make it reliable and worth the use.

The Rx-80 airless spray gun comes with added durability with the presence of a seat and a tungsten carbide ball valve inside it. The best part about this spray gun is that it comes with both 2 and 4-finger configurations that make the spraying even more efficient. 

Getting into the qualities that this sprayer possesses we will begin with the comfort grip that it consists of. The grip is designed ergonomically which adds to the comfort of using it. This spray gun also comes with a long-life packing kit which means it lasts way longer than usual and also improves the performance. 

Just like any other airless spray gun the RX-80 gun also comes with many on-board tools. These are all smart tools that come in really handy when contractors are at the job site. These tools save them from any extra hustle of finding things here and there.

In Summary:

If you want to not only improve your work but also make it look aesthetically pleasing then it is high time you switch to the airless spray guns. These guns are very beneficial bringing you the kind of results that you want to acquire.