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Impact 400 Airless Sprayer

Impact 400 Airless Sprayer


Titan IMPACT 400 AIRLESS SPRAYER a perfect tool for residential, property maintenance, and small commercial painting needs. This high-performance electric airless sprayer is designed to apply all standard architectural primers, paints, and coatings efficiently, giving you a smooth and professional finish.

  • The dependable mechanical pressure control system and reversible tungsten carbide seats ensure long-lasting performance. 
  • The compact design of the Impact 400 makes it easy to transport to different job sites, while the reliable heavy-duty sealed DCX motor ensures consistent performance. 
  • The wide base provides stability while on the job, so you can focus on the painting without worrying about the sprayer tipping over.


The Titan Impact 400 Electric Airless Sprayer can spray various coatings, including stains, lacquers, enamels, latex, and other low and medium-viscosity coatings. With a maximum delivery of 0.47 GPM or 1.78 LPM and a maximum operating pressure of 3000 PSI or 20.7 MPa, this sprayer is perfect for completing your painting projects quickly and easily.

Order Titan Impact 400 Electric Airless Sprayer from AllTitanParts! 

The maximum tip size of 0.021" for one gun and electric operation makes Titan Impact 400 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer versatile and adaptable to various applications. If you're looking for a powerful, reliable, and efficient airless sprayer for your residential, property maintenance, or small commercial painting needs, the Titan IMPACT 400 AIRLESS SPRAYER is perfect. Order Impact 400 from AllTitanParts today and see the difference it can make in your painting projects.