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Titan 757-105 Filter Support Spring

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 757-105 Filter Support Spring is an important part made of spring steel, It helps keep the filter in place by providing tension in your Titan sprayer.

Here are some key details about Filter Support Spring :

  • Part Number: 757-105
  • Function: The spring provides tension on the filter. When replacing the filter, ensure that this spring is correctly in place at the bottom of the gun handle to prevent leaks.
  • Compatibility: It fits the following sprayers:
    • Titan Impact 840, 740, 640, 540, 440, 1140I.
    • Titan 550XC, 660XC Airless sprayer.
    • Titan PowrLiner 3100GXC.
    • Titan Epic 690GXC, 660EX, 447HPX, 690HPG.

 For the correct application please refer to the appropriate diagrams of your model.

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