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Titan 710-046 Inlet Screen

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 710-046 Inlet Screen (large 10 mesh) it replaces obsolete part Titan 5006536, It has a 1-5/16" thread for attachment onto your Titan Hi-boy sprayer models.

Here are the details:

  • Part Number: 710-046

It is used in various Titan and SprayTech Electric Hi-Boy Models, including:

  • Titan Impact 440s, 640s, 740s, 840s, 1140s
  • SprayTech Hi-Boy models - EPX 2155, 2255, 2305, 2355, 2405, 2455, 2505, 2555 and Titan Gas units.

Please note that this filter fits the upright units, also known as a Hi-boy. It will not fit the lo-boy or skid units except for the Titan Impact 840 and 1140.


Titan 5006536 Inlet Filter has a 1-5/16" UNF (female) thread and features a 10-mesh nylon cap. It’s essential for preventing debris from entering your sprayer and ensuring smooth operation.

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