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Titan 704-551A Piston Rod

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 704-551A Piston Rod is a genuine OEM piston rod that is standard on several Titan sprayers.

Please note that Titan 704-551A Piston Rod is just the shell of the complete assembly Titan 704-552A.

It fits the following machines:

  • Impact 440
  • Impact 540
  • Impact 640
  • PowrLiner 2800
  • Advantage 400
  • Advantage 500,
  • Multifinish 440
  • Rentspray 500.
  • Rentspray 600

It is also compatible with other models like the Epic 330, 440i, 440HP, 440XC, 447HPX, 1800M PowrLiner, and 3100 PowrLiner.

The Titan 704-551A Piston Rod is a genuine OEM part used in various Titan sprayers, providing durability and performance for your equipment. It replaces Titan Part Numbers 704-089 and 704-551 which are now obsolete.

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