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Titan 226-001 Nylon Lock Nut

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 226-001 Nylon Lock Nut is used as a fastener in various Titan Tool Sprayers and Accessories.

It is found in the following model of Titan sprayer machines and accessories:

  • Impact 340, Impact 400, LX-80 Platinum, LX-80 II, LX-75, Impact 410.
  • RentSpray 650 Airless Sprayers, RentSpray 600 Airless Sprayers, LX-80 II Professional Airless Gun.
  • RX-80 Airless Spray Guns, HVLP Fine Finish Sprayers, Pro-Finish AS1130, PowrLiner 6000, PowrLiner 5000, PowrLiner 4955, PowrLiner 4950, PowrLiner 4000, PowrLiner 3100, PowrLiner 2850, Advantage 400, 640ix Airless Sprayer.
  • 540ix Airless Sprayers, 440ix Airless Sprayers, Impact 400 Airless Sprayers, Impact 340 Airless Sprayers and probably more not listed here.

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