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Titan 138-153A Repacking Kit

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 138-153A Repacking Kit is a high-quality maintenance kit designed for durability used on certain Titan sprayers.

This kit includes the necessary components to replace the lower packing set in your Titan equipment.

Titan 138-153A replaces 0349-409.

Here are the key details about this Retainer ring:

  • Kit Contents: 

    Lower cage, Foot Valve ball, Foot valve Seat, O-ring (PTFE), Foot valve seal.

  • Compatible Titan Machines:
    • PowrBeast 4700, 4700T, 7700, 9700
    • PowrTwin 6900 Plus DI, 4900 Plus
    • PowrCoat 730
    • PowrLiner 4955, 4950

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