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Titan 107-005 Complete Fluid Section

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 107-005 Complete Fluid Section for PowrLiner 4950 and PowrLiner 4955 also known as Pump assembly

Includes: Retaining Ring, Connecting Pin, PTFE O-Ring, Packing Kit Leather/UHMWPE/steel, Upper Packing Spring, Displacement Rod, Spring Retainer, Sleeve, Lower Packing Spring, Outlet Valve Ball, Outlet Valve Seat, Seal Washer, Outlet Valve Housing, Pump Cylinder, O-Ring, Wave Washer, Foot Falve Cage, Foot Valve Ball, Foot Valve Seat, Seat O-Ring and Foot Valve Housing.
Fits: Hydra M4000, Hydra M2000, PowrLiner 6900 XLT, PowrLiner 5000, PowrLiner 4900xlt, PowrLiner 4900, PowrLiner 4000, PowrTwin 4900xlt, PowrTwin 4900gh, powrTwin 4500,PowrTwin 3500 50th Anniversary Special, PowrLiner 4955, Powrtwin 4900, Powrtwin 4900 plus

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