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Titan 0524405A CapSpray HVLP Whip Air Hose, 3/4" ID x 5 ft

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0524405A Air Hose Whip is a 5-foot hose designed to be used with Titan sprayers and CAPSpray HVLP systems.

It’s made in the USA and features a 3/4" inner diameter. Replaces obsolete parts number 0524405.

Here are some key points about this hose:

    • Compatibility: It works with various Titan models, including the Capspray 105, 115, 55, 75, and 95 sprayers.
    • Temperature Rating: The hose can handle temperatures up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Connectors: It has a 3/4" GHT (Garden Hose Thread) male end and a 3/4" GHT female end.
    • NOTE: Does not come with the Quick Connect
    • Flexibility: The lightweight and highly flexible design make it easy to maneuver, reducing strain on your wrist during spray gun operation.
  • Use Case: This hose is not meant to be connected directly to the turbine; instead, it serves as a whip hose extension for improved flexibility. When the spray gun is positioned farther from the turbine, it results in cooler air being delivered through the gun. This adjustment can be beneficial when working with fast-drying lacquers, as it helps prevent them from drying too rapidly.

If you need to replace your existing hose or want to add an extension, the Titan 0524405A Air Hose Whip is a reliable choice. You can find it in stock at


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