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Titan 0507690 Bypass Valve Assembly

Titan 0507690 Bypass Valve Assembly


Titan/Spraytech 0507690 or 507690 Bypass Valve Assembly

Includes: O-ring, O-ring PTFE, O-ring, gasket, cam base, groove pin and valve handle.

Fits: impact 410, EPX2505, RentSpray 400, GPX 1600, GPX 1250, GPX 750, GPX 220, GPX 165, GPX 130, GPX 85, GPX 80, EPX2455, EPX2355, EPX2155, EPX2255, EPX2455, EPX2405, EPX2355, EPX2305, EPX2255, EPX2155, LineCrew 750 and 1600, LCX 130, Advantage GPX 220, Advantage GPX 165, Advantage GPX 130, Advantage GPX 85, Advantage 400 500 600 700 and 1100

Replacing the PRIME/SPRAY Valve
Perform the following procedure using PRIME/SPRAY valve
replacement kit P/N 0507690.
1. Drive the groove pin out of the valve handle.
2. Remove the valve handle and the cam base.
3. Using a wrench, loosen and remove the valve housing
assembly from the pump manifold.
4. Make sure the gasket is in place and thread the new valve
housing assembly into the pump manifold. Tighten securely
with a wrench.
5. Place the cam base over the valve housing assembly.
Lubricate the cam base with grease and line up the cam with
the pump manifold using the dowel pin.
6. Line up the hole on the valve stem with the hole in the valve
7. Insert the groove pin into the valve handle and through the
valve stem to secure the valve handle in position.
  • Sourced From: Titan Tools Inc.

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