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Titan 0297052A Cup Gasket. (6-pk White)

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0297052A Cup Gaskets are solvent-resistant seals that ensure smooth operation and longevity for your paint sprayer.

If you need to replace worn-out gaskets, this OEM pack is a reliable choice.

Here are the details:

  • Compatibility: This gasket is designed for 1-quart siphon cups and can fit any brand.
  • Material: It is made of white, solvent-resistant material that works well with various types of paints, including high-solvency materials like lacquers.
  • Pack Size: The package includes 6 gaskets.

Follow these tips for a successful installation of Titan 0297052A Cup Gasket:

  • Clean Surface: Ensure that the cup surface is clean and free from debris. Any residue or particles can affect the gasket’s performance.
  • Proper Alignment: Align the gasket correctly with the cup. Make sure it sits evenly and covers the entire sealing area.
  • Gentle Pressure: Apply gentle pressure when placing the gasket. Avoid excessive force, as it may damage the gasket or cup.
  • Check for Leaks: After installation, perform a quick test by filling the cup with water or a compatible liquid. Look for any leaks around the gasket area.
  • Tighten Securely: If your cup has a threaded lid, ensure it is tightened securely to prevent leaks.

Remember, a well-installed gasket ensures proper sealing and prevents paint leakage during spraying. Happy painting!

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