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Titan 0509510 Fluid Section Repacking Kit

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0509510 Fluid Section Repacking Kit is a genuine OEM part designed to meet the same specifications and standards as the original part for compatibility and performance.


INCLUDES: upper packing assembly, lower packing assembly, outlet valve seal, outlet valve ball, nylon washer, inlet valve ball, PTFE O-ring, Viton O-ring, PTFE backup ring)

Compatible with:

Titan GPX 1250 0509005 Piston Pump.
Titan GPX 130 0509038 Piston Pump.
Titan GPX 130 0509058 Piston Pump.
Titan GPX 130 0509008 Piston Pump.
Titan GPX 130 0509054 Piston Pump.

Titan Advantage GPX 165, GPX 130.

For Best results it is recommended that you use all parts supplied
in this kit.

Avoid this common mistake.  Please note be sure to have the raised lip on the bottom of the lower packing is fully outside the packing around the piston rod after insertion of the piston rod.

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