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Impact 1040T Airless Sprayers

New Products For February - Impact 1040T Airless Sprayers


Get All The Replaceable Parts for your Titan Impact 1040T Airless Sprayer! 

At AllTitanParts, we understand that downtime can be costly for contractors. We offer all the replaceable parts for your Titan IMPACT 1040T AIRLESS SPRAYER

To make ordering parts a breeze, we have divided the Impact 1040T sprayer into several assembly parts, each with a labelled diagram. This way, you can quickly identify the needed parts and get your sprayer back up and running quickly.

Main Assembly Parts

The Impact 1040T main assembly parts include the transducer assembly and control panel assembly. These parts are the brain of the sprayer, responsible for regulating the pressure and flow rate of the coating material. 

Fluid Section

The fluid section includes the slider piston extension, piston rod, and piston assembly. These parts are responsible for moving the coating material from the sprayer to the surface you're coating. 

Drive Assembly

The drive assembly includes the gear, motor controller, and capacitor assembly. These parts provide power to the sprayer, driving the piston assembly and creating the pressure to atomize the coating material. 

Filter Plug Assembly

The filter plug assembly includes the filter housing, filter spring, and mesh filter. These parts filter out impurities and debris from the coating material, ensuring a smooth and even spray pattern. 

Upright Cart Assembly

Finally, the upright cart assembly includes the wheel spacer, rubber foot, and plugs. These parts provide stability and mobility to the sprayer, allowing you to move it easily from one job site to another. 


We understand the importance of an airless sprayer handling any job. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, Titan IMPACT 1040T AIRLESS SPRAYER is up to the task. Its smooth operation and durable construction make it the perfect tool for professionals who demand the best.