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ControlMax HEA Sprayer Parts

ControlMax HEA Sprayer Parts


Say goodbye to the fear of airless spraying and hello to effortless, professional-level results with Titan ControlMax Series HEA Paint Sprayers. Our innovative HEA system's new tip technology reduces overspray by up to 55% for a smoother, more controlled spray and flawless finish.

  • With its 0.60 HP HEA pump, this durable and powerful sprayer can easily handle even unthinned coatings, thanks to its rebuildable fluid section that extends its lifespan. 
  • With a flow rate of 0.33 GPM and the ability to use up to a 0.017-in tip
  • The Titan ControlMax High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer comes equipped with a 515 ControlMax tip, tip guard, and a 50-foot hose for optimal performance.

Less Overspray

Transform your painting experience with 55% less overspray from the Titan ControlMax Pro Electric Stationary Airless Paint! This means less time spent on clean-up, more opportunities for successful sprayable applications, and less paint going to waste. Experience the power of the HEA system and upgrade your painting game today with the Titan ControlMax Pro!

Maximal Control

A gentler spray pattern offers greater leeway, ensuring that paint goes where it should for a more even result. Remove the fear of airless spraying, making it simpler to achieve a professional result. Easily spray undiluted coatings.

Superior Durability

  • The pump lifespan is up to three times greater than similar airless sprayers.
  • Tips endure twice as long as standard airless counterparts.
  • Constructed with rugged high-impact polymers and robust metal tubing.

Upgrade your painting game today with the Titan ControlMax Hea Sprayer Parts!

Choose for your Titan ControlMax Hea Sprayer Parts for unbeatable value. Not only does the pump last up to three times longer than comparable airless sprayers, but it also produces 55% less overspray. This means a longer-lasting, more efficient sprayer and a cleaner and more controlled spray, resulting in a better and more consistent finish on your projects. So don't settle for anything less. Experience seamless maintenance with parts from your one-stop solution for all replaceable parts for your ControlMax Series HEA Paint Sprayer.