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Titan 0533620C AirCoat 620 Cart Bare

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Titan Tools Inc.

AirCoat 620 Cart Bare / Aircoat 620, bare The Titan AirCoat Air Assisted Airless Pneumatic sprayers allow you to apply coatings in an air assisted mode to deliver ultra-fine atomization and higher transfer efficiency. Switching to airless mode provides a broad range of interior and exterior coatings with efficient production speed. These can deliver up to 1.25 gallons per minute. These are great for almost any fine finishing application- solvent and water based paints, varnishes, stains and lacquers, primers, polyurethanes, slow-setting 2k materials and UV hardening materials. These are equipped with standard FRL, Fluid Filter, Muffler, Pulsation Damper and Stainless Steel Fluid Section with PTFE/ Leather Packing. It can be configured in a cart.

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