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Titan 704-263A Return Hose Assembly

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 704-263A Return Hose Assembly is a hose assembly that connects to prime valve or bypass assembly for directing air or pressure releases fluid like paint to the intended destination.

Titan 704-263A replaces Part Number 0508605 and 704-263

Here are the details:

  • Part Number: 704-263A
  • Compatibility:
    • Fits models such as:
      • 740I
      • RentSpray 650 Airless Sprayer
      • RentSpray 600 Airless Sprayer
      • RentSpray 450 Airless Sprayer
      • 740ix Digital Airless Sprayer
      • 740ix Airless Sprayer
      • 740i Airless Sprayer
      • 540ix Airless Sprayer
      • 440ix Airless Sprayer
      • 440i Airless Sprayer
      • 340 Airless Sprayer International Model
  • Function: The return hose assembly (or bypass hose) ensures proper removal of air, paint, and pressure release from the paint sprayer pump system.

If you need to replace or maintain this essential part, consider getting the genuine Titan 704-263A Return Hose Assembly from reliable sources; like us at Keeping your sprayer in good condition ensures efficient and reliable performance for all your painting needs!

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